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"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs

Portfolio Home Trends is the number one place to find all your home designing needs in one luxurious discovery show room. The showroom includes a vast selection of high quality branded products from around the world. Products include tiles, stone, kitchen, bath, lighting, and home décor. Our products are unique, high in quality, custom designed and most importantly, affordable for the everyday home owner. We also offer services such as installation services for all of our products in the Greater Toronto Area. Our goal is to solve the design challenges that many customers face when looking to renovate, build, or decorate.


Avneep Singh Baidwan is the founder and president of Portfolio Home Trends. He initially studied Electro-Mechanical Engineering in Canada, but quickly became interested in joining the home designing community. Noticing a lack of high quality and unique products being used in homes, Avneep set out to find the best of the best products he could find. He realized imported materials from overseas were astoundingly exceptional and uniquely different from products that were continuously featured in today’s homes. Using his knowledge, experience, and contacts from around the world Avneep has gathered and designed the finest products one can use in their custom homes.

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